Common buzzard

Bird of the Month February 2024: Common Buzzard

I’ve written before about the chequered history of our raptors here in the UK. Most have been relentlessly persecuted over the last 200 years, some to the point of local or national extinction. Against the odds, though, some have now returned to locations they were once eradicated from. This certainly applies to the common buzzard. […]

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Marsh harrier

Resurgent Raptors

I wrote a while ago about some of our recent bird colonists, including little egrets and ring-necked parakeets. Some of these recent colonisers, though, are actually birds that used to breed here but were driven to extinction before returning. These include some of our most charismatic raptor species. A few raptor species managed to cling

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Urban wildlife herring gull

Urban Wildlife

This content contains affiliate links to Bookshop.org. When you buy through these links, I may earn an affiliate commission. When you think of urban wildlife, you might think of gulls, sparrows, starlings and pigeons. However, once you start to look a bit closer at the wildlife around our towns and cities, you soon realise just

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